SAC Song Challenge – Week #6 Radio Edit

Writing for radio…edit for radio…3:30 in length. All these things scare me! That’s a good thing. Again, this challenge is living up to it’s name. These past six weeks have been very challenging. This week was especially challenging because I was away. I wasn’t too concerned because I had some ideas on the go before I left. What resulted is a guitar riff driven song that reminds me of something The Eagles and Santana could have collaborated on! It was fun putting this track together under the wire for the challenge. The song is called ‘Guilty Conscience’. I hope you enjoy it.


Guilty Conscience (c) Glen MacNeil 2015

Up and down spinning all around

Crashing like an ocean wave

Maybe you will never know how my heart aches

So much time has come and gone

With no way to get it back

Whether it is right or wrong

It’s right on track

Oh my guilty conscience screams

Never to be set free

Never to be set free

We take care of what we can

Leave the rest to someone else

I pray your path is paved with gold

You deserve nothing less

I rolled out with the morning tide

Like a leaf on the wind

I can’t make any promises

I won’t break your heart again


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